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Everything you want to know about life and weight loss with a Lap Band!

About me:

My husband and I are filmmakers. We live in Los Angeles and we’ve made some independent films together. One day, I realized that I wasn’t pursuing some of the projects that I wanted because of my weight. I was speaking with a girlfriend who had just had a Lap Band procedure and began looking into it. I don’t have insurance, so I have to save my pennies. But in the meantime, I thought I’d assemble everything I was learning in one place, so that other people, who maybe don’t have as much time as I do, could find it easily. Cheers!

Notice: Lorenda Starfelt, creator of this page, died on March 16, 2011, of cancer. She was beautiful and productive right up to the end.


17 Responses to “About me:”

  1. bibomedia said


  2. Christy T said

    My question is, has anyone had the gastric lap band with Factor V Lieden? If so, where there any complications, for do you know of what the doctors had to do or not do during surgery?

  3. Lori said


    A quick search of the internet reveals that people FVL have had gastric bypass. Now, the Lap Band, as you may know, is a much less invasive procedure. Nothing in your body is cut away, so I would think that it would far easier for you to handle than a gastric bypass would.

    I’d encourage to talk to your doctor about it. Most of the surgical groups that do Lap Band procedures have wonderfully helpful nurses available for conversations. I’d encourage you to give one of your local offices a call. I usually talk to Kathy at Dr. Rumbaut’s office. Dr.Rumbaut helped develop the Lap Band and has one himself. Kathy, one of his nurses, also has the Lap Band. Here’s their website:

    Let me know what you find out. I’d really like to hear what they have to say.

    • Cora said

      Kathy I’m in need of the surgery and just cannot afford it. If this is the doctor who did himself do you think he would do me for free, yes i did say free i really do not like myself and want the weight off. I do not have the drive to get it off on my own I need help.

      • Lori said


        It isn’t likely. The Lap Band itself runs around $3500 – so getting someone to do it for free involves a significant financial investment on their part. Your best bet is to keep an eye on the clinical trials and maybe find a way to get weight loss surgery for free there. Also, talk to your family about helping you raise the money. If you go to Mexico, it’ll only around $8000 (air fare and hotel included) and that’s a darn site cheaper than the US. With the Lap Band, you’ll live longer and have fewer health issues. It would be worth your family’s while to pitch in.

  4. Sandy said

    Hello, I found your site by accident and LOVE it. I had a lapband on Dec 30th 2007 and I have never felt better. I have lost 44 lbs but more than that, I have lost over 38 inches!! I measure my neck, upper arm, upper chest, under Breast, Breast, stomach, waist, hips, upper leg, knee and ankle. This is great. The only thing is my clothes, I have been heavy forever so had lots of recent sizes but are going right past some good clothes to weat. I have gone from a size 28W streatch waist pants to a size 20 WITH a zipper already. I have 100 more to loose but am not anxious about it at all. It will come off. I surely will keep following your site. Thanks for the credible info. BTW I had my band done by Dr. Gazayerili in Michigan who also has one himself. He is a wonder. Sandy

  5. Janice Wilner said

    Nice web site. Someone mentioned it on and I had to take a look. I’m trying to learn as much as I can about the Lap-band.

  6. Tracyann said

    Just a quick Hello to say I’ve enjoyed yr Site so much! I am Banded One year now.. Need a fill badly..
    My Surgeons Office is Way too busy! LONG story.. actually I have lots of them ( Stories..)
    Just got back on line after my Old Comp went Kaputs! Keep Writing .. I Love it! and thanks!

  7. Jennifer said

    I found this site by accident, I’m glad I did. A quick hello, I’m always looking for new sites for “BANDSTERS” I had my lapband surgury July 12,2006 and have lost 86 pounds to date, I’m 10 pounds to my personal gaol. It’s the best thing I ever did. If anyone ever has any questions please e-mail me at

  8. Amanda said

    Just wanted to thank you for this website, it has been absolutely invaluable to me – I’m beginning the process of getting banded myself. Good luck to you in getting insurance and getting your own band, if that’s what you decide to do – or maybe you could put up some Google ads and start your banding fund! I’ll click your links to help out. 🙂

  9. Lori said


    I’m so glad it’s been helpful. You made my night!


  10. sha said

    hi lori. ive just stumbled onto your page and clicked this page first. no insurance? are you still saving your pennies? i live in south korea, the band costs around 8,000.00USD here, getting it done is in the back of my mind pretty often.

  11. Melissa said

    Just wanted to add my blog in case you’re interested. I’m 14 months out from surgery and about 105 pounds down, depending on the day. Great resource you have going here.

  12. Lori,

    If you want to add Facebook or email sharing buttons to your blog posts, there’s a plugin that does it for you:

    Hope you find it helpful!


  13. Sandra said

    Hello I`m Sandy and I had lap band in March and have lost 25 lbs. and feeling great I am glad I am loosing weight at a slow rate and hopeful it will stay off. I walk every day and feel like a new woman

  14. fifilaroach said

    I am blogging and would love to get some more readers. Could you check out my blog and see if you could include it in your list? Thanks so much!

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