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Clothing Tips For Women Losing Weight

Posted by Lori on April 30, 2008

One of the searches that I see repeatedly is women searching for advice on how to handle their wardrobe during weight loss. Lap Band patients lose, on average, about 8 to 10 pounds a month, which could mean a new wardrobe ever ten weeks or so. That would get pricey quickly.

One of my favorite plus-sized clothing sites is Janelle Lowe’s Love Your Peaches! Janelle is a plus size designer and I will let her intro page speak for her here:

Welcome to Love Your Peaches Clothing Co., where our motto is “no boundaries”. I started this company in 1996, because, frankly, I couldn’t find any clothes in the marketplace that spoke to me, the confident plus size woman. I hope you enjoy my fashions, all modeled by beautiful women of size. Some items are more daring, some are more conservative, but they’re ALL made with love. Seriously. I know it sounds corny, but Peaches is so much more than just a company to me. It’s my response to the world that told me that I was too fat, that I had to wear black, that I couldn’t go sleeveless, that I couldn’t wear a bikini, that I didn’t look good. Well, my friends, for me those barriers are coming down, and I hope they do for you, too, because it’s a wonderful thing to be free. I’m often asked what the name “Love Your Peaches” means. Those of you who are over 30 may remember this, it came from a line of an old Steve Miller song: “Really love your peaches, wanna shake your tree.” Great song. More than that, however, I chose the name because it speaks to self-esteem. As women, we really do need to “love our peaches”. We need to smile when we think of ourselves, to believe that we are as juicy and luscious and desirable as a perfectly ripe peach. We’ve wasted way too much time being unhappy with our bodies. Isn’t it about time we started living with joy? I hope you enjoy the site!

What I love about Love Your Peaches clothing is that the designs are simple and clean and made with high quality fabrics. What I love about the site is that Janelle shows her clothing modeled on genuinely plus sized models as opposed to lucious size twelves we normally see. And importantly, for plus sized women, she also includes line drawings so that you’re very clear as to what the shape of the garment is.

Since Janelle designs her clothing, I wrote and asked her advice for bandees on how to select clothing that will be wearable through several months of weight loss and easily alterable as well. Here’s what she had to say:

#1. Find yourself a good tailor/alterations person. The dry cleaners is
a good place to start. If they don’t have someone on staff, they usually
have someone they can refer you to. Keep trying different ones until you
find one that you’re happy with. No matter what size you are, you will
look and feel better if your clothes fit you well.

#2. Knits are your friend as they can accommodate a changing body better
than a stiff, woven fabric.

Here’s a link to her new Calista dress – which I love. It’s a Cotton Lycra Jersey and it’s $65. It’s pretty, it’s feminine and affordable.

#3. For tops, one of the best looks around is an adjustable wrap top (or a
dress). Also, tops that have belts or ties at the waist. These are
great as they can be adjusted for changing sizes, getting more mileage out
of your clothing dollar. Luckily they’re also very fashionable right now!

Here’s a Wrap Dress and Wrap Top that shouldl do you well for several months.

#4. Skirts are probably the easiest thing to alter, embrace them if you’re
on a budget.

Janelle’s Every Day Skirt, goes with all of their knit tops. And let her know if you need a different length – important for us shorties. The Simple Skirt is indeed simple and easily altered as well.

#5 Pay attention to necklines. If the neckline gaps, or slides and
slouches from the get go, it’s will only get worse as your size changes.
You can get more mileage out of a garment longer if the neckline lays
correctly. Ditto for armholes.

#6. Avoid garments that have a lot of topstitching on the seams (jeans,
or denim garments). This makes them more difficult and costly to alter.

Pull on pants are perfect. They can be easily altered by taking in the seam on the side. Janelle’s got them in stretch denim, Cotton Lycra Jersey (to match the other pieces above) and linen.

#7. The fewer seams your garments have, the easier and therefore cheaper
they are to alter.

Here, here and here!

#8. If you have elastic waistband pants or skirts, have your seamstress
tunnel the elastic insead the seam, and leave a 2″ gap open on the inside.
(Tunneling is when the fabric is folded over and stitched down without the
elastic. The elastic is then fed through the waistband, leaving it free
inside the fabric). Then as needed, you can simply pull the elastic
tighter and stitch it , or even use a large safety pin if your not
comfortable with sewing.

#9. If you love woven fabrics, look for bias cut garments. When a woven
fabric is cut on the bias (on the diagonal), it has more give to it, almost
like a stretch fabric. The garment will grow, or fall in, as needed.

Here’s Janelle’s very pretty, and very simple Bias Cut dress.

#10. When you’re shopping, take pictures of yourself in new styles!
It’s difficult to analyze how you really look in a mirror, especially as
your body changes. Photo’s make it easier for you to be objective, and
recognize what really works for you.

Now this is something I had never thought to do. I’m an apple and have a terrible time picking clothing out for myself. So many times, the clothing I thought I couldn’t dream of wearing is exactly what looks best on me. So, this is something I’m going to try. Plus, it’ll make me remember to put my make up on before I go shopping.

She has a lot of career ware as well for those of us who pack up and go to an office or to see clients everday. And she has really fun stuff like her Edie Sundress and her Juno dress. The embroidered chiffon Bette shirt speaks to my inner Stevie Nicks!

Anyway, as you contemplate how you’ll get through the coming months or years of weight loss, Janelle’s advice gives you a solid way to think about clothing that can be worn through different weights with just a touch of altering. I hope you enjoy her site. As always, if you have any comments or questions, leave them here or email me.


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