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What To Do When Your Insurance Denies Your Claim For Weight Loss Surgery

Posted by Lori on July 23, 2009

I was very excited to see this comment from someone whom I admire quite a bit – Walter Lindstrom of the Obesity Law and Advocacy Center. One of Mr. Lindstrom’s specialties has been helping insurance company clients appeal declines for weight loss surgery. Today, he responded to a thread with some very, very good news for people who want to have Lap Band surgery:

Well thank you, Lori. I just happened to stumble upon this and it was a wonderful surprise. I’ll even make a better suggestion that yours!

The minute someone is denied insurance for a LAP-BAND their best alternative is to ask their surgeon’s office to contact their reimbursement support line to get the patient an Application for the Allergan LAP-BAND Appeals program. That way someone who qualifies under that program can have us work on their appeal AT NO COST TO THEM, using the same experienced team specialists of specialists that YOU recommended! People who handle nothing but weight loss surgery insurance matters of all types and have done so successfully for nearly 14 years!
Walter Lindstrom – Obesity Law & Advocacy Center
RNY – 1994
LAP-BAND – 2003

Wow.  If you qualify, Allergan will help you appeal an insurance denial! Mr. Lindstrom’s firm has an amazing record of success and you won’t be charged for the appeal.

And don’t let your insurance company buffalo you just because this is weight loss surgery. This is your life at stake. This is your health, your happiness and your longevity that you’re fighting for. Just because you have thrifty genes doesn’t mean that you are entitled to less than our slender, spendthrift DNA’d friends.

I have to find a way to sticky this. This is amazing news.

Thank you, Allergan. Thank you, Mr. Lindstrom.


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