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Day 5 Post Op. Still Not Hungry.

Posted by Lori on September 15, 2009

The last time I ate solid foods was last Wednesday afternoon. I had my Lap Band on Thursday. Since that time, I still haven’t experienced any hunger. I’m drinking a couple bottles of protein water a day and a cup or two of diluted fruit juice. I stopped by a grocery store today and the smell of the roast chicken really got me for a couple minutes. But then I was out of the store and quickly forgot about it.

It’s interesting being this disconnected from food. I wonder how long it will last. I’m expecting that when my stomach heals, hunger will return but for the time being, I” going to take this as far as I can.


6 Responses to “Day 5 Post Op. Still Not Hungry.”

  1. Jen said

    Hi Lori !
    Its me Jen, we were banded at the same time–I am from Canada.
    Just wanted to touch base with you and see how it was going.. please email me when you can….. we are over teh hump its all downhill now !!!

    Take care, Jen

  2. Dawn M. said

    heh. Second comment I know. I just wanted to gauge how you were feeling this week. =)

  3. Joy said

    It’s so interesting reading your post about being disconnected from food. I had my surgery in July and I’m still disconnected. There are times that I surprise myself and say I have to eat something.

  4. John said

    Hi Lori,

    very interesting blog. I just came upon it as I’m considering having Lap band surgery soon. Please keep teh blog posts coming, I’m very curious as to how your post procedure diet goes. I’m honestly a little worried I’ll have a hard time turning away the foods I love to eat! How are your cravings, etc? Lot’s of questions I know, sorry I’m just curious.


    • Lori said


      I’m doing a blog post later today, but in short, I’m almost three weeks post op and have yet to experience any hunger. I’ve been living on liquids and a glass of broth fills me up. In addition to that, I’ve been walking some long distances – 3 to 5 miles – and it’s rapidly becoming effortless. One of the things I heard over and over again was that once I had surgery, my hunger would simply go away. That’s what happened. I know a lot of people who simply haven’t experienced hunger since they had their lap band. It’s wonderful.

      This Thursday will be the three week anniversary of my surgery and I plan on having a taco from the stand around the corner. But other than that, I’m going to keep up with the very low calorie regime that I’ve been on. I’m a very happy girl.

      Is your insurance covering your surgery?

      • John said

        Actual I believe my insurance will cover it, they said it is covered if my primary care and surgeon Ok me. They are at least covering my initial consult with my primary care Dr and the surgeon. I believe they will based on my BMI, medical history (already had my Gallbladder out and I’m only 31!), and a family history of diabetes. I still haven’t made my mind up as I’m in the info gathering stages now. But I’m leaning that way heavily…no pun intended.

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