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Lap Band YouTube Blogger Ashley’s Amazingly Well Documented Before and After Lap Band Story

Posted by Lori on May 5, 2008

I’ve had Ashley’s Lap Band blog, The Band In Me, linked on my blogroll for several weeks now. She’s a twenty-something Lap Bandee in Seattle, Washington who has amassed a pretty amazing series of videos on YouTube. She starts 1.5 weeks before surgery. She weighs 235 and has just lost five pounds.

Cut to a year later. Here she is two weeks ago, talking about her progress.

The amazing thing is that she has a total of 51 videos online in addition to her blog. Here’s the link to her channel at YouTube where you can see all of her videos. Ashley certainly doesn’t pull her punches on the complications of a Lap Band but talks about how worthwhile she has found it to be.

FYI, she had her surgery done at Northwest Weight Loss Surgery in Everett, Washington. These people have a great site with a lot of information available to prospective patients although a lot of it is applicable to everyone regardless of where you’re having surgery. Here’s their page on how to approach your insurance company for coverage. They have an active study going on about adolescents and Lap Bands and accept teenagers for surgery starting at age fourteen. They have offices in Yakima, Bellingham and Spokane as well.

There’s a lot of information here. I think you’ll enjoy it.


3 Responses to “Lap Band YouTube Blogger Ashley’s Amazingly Well Documented Before and After Lap Band Story”

  1. g-na said

    Congratulations! I hear everything that you’re saying , but I know you must feel great. I’ve had my band for two years, I understand all of the variables and everything that I am supposed to do and not to do and to eat and not to eat.

    Unfortunately, I do not get full like I thought I would. I’ve had 3 or 4 fills and I just don’t quite get what this is supposed to be doing for me.
    It is both encouraging and dissapointing to hear of the success that others are having with the band. I’m just confused!

    Could you be specific in what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising? I would really appreciate it.
    You may have already shared in some of your past videos, if so , could you let me know which ones to review.

    thanks so much and well wishes to you and your continued success.

    • frances said

      Today is June 26, 2009. I had my band Aug. 15, 2008…a little over 10 months ago…I have lost 40 pounds…I know weigh 131….I’m 5’2″. The key is in the fills….until I got to 7.5 which is the “restriction” level for me…I lost weight very slowly…perhaps too slowly. I am so happy with my band, but I received 5 fills….2 to 3.5 to 4 to 5.5 to 7.5. Call me. 512-585-7093

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